Old Town Keller is a collection of small shops on the tree lined streets. Old Town is an atmosphere of warmth and charm. 


2014 Crawfish Krawl Forms

What a Quaint Town to Visit!

Park, Shop and Sight-See

Old Town Keller is a treasure of a shopping area for local residents as well as visitors, offering the flavor of this town's 1880s beginnings as a railroad stop. Trains still honk and rattle by as you visit one-of-a-kind Mom-and-Pop shops, unique antique shops and malls, historic sites, and great restaurants you won't want to miss. You'll find music and art studios, boutiques, cake shops, home décor, salons, a quilt barn and much more with a vintage look and first class service.

Best Event of the Year!

Every year, Olive Street in the heart of Old Town Keller is the site of the Crawlfish Krawl extravaganza where live music rings out, the crowd lines up for excellent food and drinks, and booths line the street with their crafts, services, food and fun. Heaps of crimson crawlfish decked with bright yellow corncobs make an already colorful scene even more eye-popping. Come join us April 12th on Olive Street!

A Slice of 1880!

We are a family-safe place for kids to learn Texas history. In November of 2007 The Keller City Council Proclaimed  Old Town Keller as The Historic Area of Keller! It is filled with many adorable Western-themed businesses that reflect our history. Our historic foundation has been busy preserving and marking our landmarks to keep the original settlement alive. The key intersection for Old Town Keller is north of Ft. Worth at Highway 377 (Main Street in Keller) and Farm to Market Road 1709 (also known as Golden Triangle and Keller Parkway). Bring the kids, just to watch the trains go by, or to walk thru the quaint downtown area and eat at a nearby restaurant.

We Have Eats!

The energy of Old Town Keller has attracted a number of new restaurants in addition to the old favorites. Whether you want a pizza buffet, drive thru thick or thin crust pizzas, a build-a-burger menu, great sports bars, tasty home-cooked Mexican, Mediterranean delights, the area's best Margueritas or the cutest cupcakes in town, you've come to the right place, pardner!

The district runs from Bear Creek Parkway in the south to Johnson Road in the north. In the west it is bordered by the railroad tracks and extends several blocks to the east. Several of the antique malls are open on weekends and are in walking distance of one another and of the Burlington railroad. Bring a good pair of walking shoes and enjoys the sights, sounds, tastes, and fun of Old Town Keller.

Crawfish Krawl 2014... April 12th 2014


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